Structured Cabling

Proper planning, configuration and installation are needed for superior connectivity of your business. Structured Cabling plays a vital part in network connectivity. Gain efficiency, uptime, scalability and maximize returns with high performance and cost-effective methods. Infodot delivers better connectivity and security through robust cabling service, as we know it is a critical backbone of a communication system.

We help enterprises obtain more from investment in infrastructure communication and network data cabling by planning, directing and advancing the technology and delivering secure relations between customers and employees. We all know that internal networks get a high risk of attacks when connected to public networks.

Get reliable, robust connectivity of your network

Wireless Networking

Wireless security helps to secure systems from unauthorized access using wireless networks. Two common types of Wireless Security include Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). Using the latest versions of security methods, we provide Wireless/ Internet Security Services to protect your Network and Data. With a Wireless security solution, the Internet of Things (IoT) will connect to all your technology to manage your resources and deliver better connectivity.

INFODOT with expert techs assess network threats to ensure better security access points & user capacity. Our network design and device management reduce data breaches through monitoring and analyzing. We provide centralized secured management with a wireless network adapter to connect business employees and customers.

Optimize your Network Productivity today.

CCTV & Access Control

The facility of technology is the foremost crucial thing when it comes to your security. In today's phase of an IP-driven environment, fully integrated systems make your facility, which is more tranquil than before. And, also make an efficient workflow that makes you concentrate on making money. Infodot Technologies' AV and Security give you superior security and control of your facility in this era of smartphone and cloud computing. We have years of experience in Internet and network services. We integrate all your security systems with IP-based products resulting in a simple and elegant solution. You can access everything in your facility and control it from anywhere. Infodot Technologies offers both services of installing new systems or upgrades for existing AV and Security.

Feel Secured with Infodot Technologies as Your Trusted Security Provider. We provide Home Automation and Security systems. Our automation security system alerts you when you are not home or hundreds of miles away. You can access it from mobile devices. We will alert you immediately at the first hint of trouble. Ultimately, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your place is monitored 24/7.

Monitor and control all security systems from your mobile device

Video Conferencing

Did you know it takes 15 minutes to get up and running on a conference call? If your organization is running a number of meetings in a day, it is better to consider improving your Video Conferencing Platform, which saves time and increases productivity. Also sophisticated visual collaboration, diverse, high-end video conferencing solutions for the enterprise segment.

Our Video Conferencing solution is a complete hardware video conferencing system for meeting rooms. It includes large display screens, audio, high-end cameras, and an AV processor to deliver the quality and experience of expensive room based systems with your choice of Video Conferencing software. Get seamless coherent video meetings that connect your teams from anywhere by implementing new video conferencing technology or improving your existing systems.

We ensure that all participants have a quality experience with your technology along with flawless HD video and audio across multiple devices and uncompromised security with end-to-end encryption to protect every conversation, passcode and more.

Video Conferencing Solutions for The Ultimate Meeting Room

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