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Our starting pricing, for managed IT service is as low as Rs. 9,999/- per month, and for cloud backup is as low as Rs. 1,999/- per month, for 1TB Unlimited devices. Call now!

The evolving threat landscape and increased compliance regulations place organizations under pressure to address IT Security at every level. Breaching the servers can lead to being disruptive, costly and damaging to a business's reputation. Infodot Technologies can provide organizations with a suite of Cyber security products and proven methodologies for maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information and preventing vulnerabilities without being too restrictive for the business.

Traditional methods are no longer enough protection from threats like ransomware and malvertising. A versatile, organized approach makes your organization and team stay protected and prepared. It will minimize vulnerabilities and risks. Our complete range of cybersecurity services is Infodot Secure, which keeps your organization safe from malware. With our team of experts, we deliver multi-layered, proactive plans to your organization.

Infodot provides

Network and Security Assessment:

We detect potential risk areas while conducting a site audit and network scan. It provides a detailed report and makes you aware of areas of concern. We suggest policy-related solutions to tightening your organization's security and data backup.

Endpoint Security:

Advanced endpoint security leads to being aware of threats prior to your organization. AI-driven security algorithms provide you with the best detection, prevention and capabilities.

Cloud Protection:

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides comprehensive security and protection for your Office 365 data. It automatically backs up your email, contacts, folders, schedules, and tasks and also backs up OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Groups and Teams data.

Cyber Security provides a comprehensive endpoint security strategy by a technique of patch management, RMM tools, network segmentation, testing, vulnerability, monitoring and system implementations. Infodot Technologies delivers the best managed IT Security Services with planning and utilizing the latest technology strategies.

Infodot Methodology of CyberSecurity







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Why is it important to choose the right Partner for IT Security?

Best IT Security infrastructure protects your business from worst-case scenarios. As an entrepreneur, you should know how important it is to have well experienced Security Expertise to protect your business from threats. IT Security is like the health of your business. Breaches in any terms will affect your business. Prioritizing the cost of IT Security over business downtime will be the best choice for your business. Secure handling of client and end-users data will make your brand reputation intact.

Security First

It is necessary to regularize a Security strategy in all organization functions, to defend against ransomware, malware, and other threats.

Risk Identification

With all security aspects, we can easily detect the potential risk. It helps to prioritize which to focus on to eliminate quickly.

Keep it Simple

Cyber Security reduces risk factors on your data., which leads to obstructing business operations by network down.

Be Prepared

Though we protect everything, sometimes it happens. Hence, the Security Incident Plan will ensure business-crucial operations are back up and running.

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