Annual Maintenance Contract

Customized AMC Plans based on your IT budget and Service needs


Our starting pricing, for managed IT service is as low as Rs. 9,999/- per month, and for cloud backup is as low as Rs. 1,999/- per month, for 1TB Unlimited devices. Call now!

Every industry gets digital transformation using current Technology, but it is expensive to maintain it with in-house technicians. Doesn’t it look cost-effective when you get a team of technicians to maintain your IT and charge them annually? AMC service delivers improved asset performance and improves equipment uptime. AMC helps to make use of every piece of equipment by maintaining it. This service gives emergency support, saves expenses, easy budgeting, quick response, and avoids business downtime.

Our service includes

Backup Management:

Data Backup and Recovery, Computer Backup, Archiving Solutions, Servers and Storage Virtualization.

Hardware Replacement:

Get instant replacements and repairs of equipment with our team of expert technicians.

Proactive Maintenance:

Quick response time, performance optimization, hardware maintenance, remote monitoring and advisory.

Data Center:

Enable organization to establish a flexible & scalable infrastructure without compromising cost benefits.


Hardware and software installation to reduce stress, enhance productivity and mitigate downtime.

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Convert Your IT Investment Into Organizational Growth

Why does your Business need an Annual Maintenance Contract?

A reliable data center adds value to existing IT infrastructure management software, keeping business up & running. Increases support costs, including multiple facilities and a wide range of servers, overburdened organization with rising energy bills & floor space requirements.

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