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Our starting pricing, for managed IT service is as low as Rs. 9,999/- per month, and for cloud backup is as low as Rs. 1,999/- per month, for 1TB Unlimited devices. Call now!

Modern Cloud Solutions helps businesses to gain flexibility, security and predictability. Supporting business functions like cost savings, upgraded security, supreme flexibility and access from anywhere, anytime are results of moving applications and data to modern digital transformation to the Cloud

At Infodot, we offer both public and private cloud with the best practice and experience we gained. We help you with the migration plan and protect your data, which leads to efficiency, enhances security and mitigate overhead. Our designed solutions for small and mid-size companies provide managed and customized services according to your business requirements.

Our Solutions

Cloud Planning & Migration

It includes SWOT Analysis, Readiness Assessment, Cloud-to-cloud movement, Migration of workloads, Validation and performance testing.

Cloud Strategy Service

Cloud readiness assessment, Cloud architecture audit, Cloud roadmap & strategy and Multi-cloud strategy & Cloud fitment analysis.

Microsoft 365

Combines all the great features of Office 365, Windows 10, and security to support business operational functions.

Maintenance & Security Service

Continuous monitoring, performance optimization, Security & Risk assessment, Data protection and Creating personalized parameters, checks and alerts.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud data center design, development & implementation, Operation management, and Cloud infrastructure & application deployment.

Infodot Unique Methodology







We Help Take Your Business To The Cloud

Why Infodot for your Cloud Service?


You are paying for what you need. We handle the complexities of monitoring and maintaining the server environment physically.


Regardless of your organization's size, we deliver the best suitable Cloud solution to meet your requirements and digital transformations.


We do monitoring and securing your data, including 24x7 management and support by our Cloud and hosting solutions.

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